• 12 Tips to Help Create Compelling Content

    • How do I create compelling content … the biggest question on every blogger’s mind. 

      You have hired someone to set up your wordpress site … Check!

      You have set up your blog page … Check!

      Now what??

      You go to type your first post and all you can think is, “What can I say that will be interesting to anyone else out there?” This is not unique to you. Even the professional writers have been known to get writer’s block on occasion, but that does not stop them from creating compelling content on a regular basis.

      How do they do it???

      Here are a few ideas to help you get started at becoming a Blogging Pro that can create compelling content that will inspire readers to want to come to your site for the latest and greatest!!


      The first thing you need to analyze is what do you want your blog to be about. You need to have a general area you wish to focus on. What is your area of specialty? Do you bake, write books, design interiors, own a restaurant, provide a service?

      Whatever it is you do you must do a lot of research to continue learning and improving your skills. Well there are a lot of other people out there who do exactly what you do or have a passion for what you do. Sharing this information with them can be done in a number of ways. Here are a few ideas you can try.

      1. Curation

      Compile a list of 10 blogs posts from other blogs and curate a blog post. Use these posts in a blog explaining why you feel these blogs support the topic you wish to discuss. Sometimes you have something to say but just do not have the words to convey it. Using the words of others can do that for you and it gives the other bloggers more exposure recognition. Just be sure to share the links to their posts and proper credit for their efforts.

      2. Group Brainstorming

      Ask some friends for ideas. People to consider:

      • offline friends
      • online peers
      • blogger friends.

      Your friends will not feel the same resistance you may feel when coming up ideas. They are not as invested in the outcome, which can be a good thing, it means they can be more candid and open to ideas that you may have shut down before even taking any serious consideration.

      3. Ask your Readers

      This can be difficult if you are just starting out on your blog. However, if you have a blog you most likely have a Facebook page. These are people you interact with on a regular basis … just ask them what they would like to hear about with regard to your specialty. Go through your posts. See which ones got the most engagement. There is your answer.

      4. Interview Someone

      Writing out a few questions for someone else to answer is a whole lot easier than turning out a whole post. Most people would be flattered to be asked to be interviewed. Just let them know what your topic is and see if they would be interesting in answering a few questions about it.

      5. Let a Guest Write

      Guest posts can add content to your blog effortlessly. Contact smaller blogs that could use the publicity and ask if they would be interested in posting. I know what you are thinking … “Hello, I just started my blog how can anyone be smaller than that.” Well find a fellow blogger who is in the same situation as you and help each other out. Eventually your blog will grow and then you will be able to help out smaller bloggers and in turn they will be able to help you out as well.

      6. Creating Compelling Content without Creating

      Writing content is not always about coming up with something original. There are a number of  businessesproducts and websites out there that have something to do with your topic. Just pick one and do a Case Study on it.

      Best Case Study

      • What they are doing right.
      • Why you like them.
      • What can your readers learn from their example.

      Worst Case Study

      • What are they doing wrong?
      • Why do you dislike them.
      • What can your readers learn from their example.

      7. Review Something

      Pick a product or service and write or do a video on what you like or dislike about it and whether you would recommend it. Did you catch that? A video?? That is right … YouTube is the second largest search engine out their. Some people prefer to hear what others are talking about rather than reading. Go where your audience is which is EVERYWHERE so add that to your arsenal.

      8. Share Your Success

      Show people step by step how you got to where you are today. Avoid bragging!! Share lessons you have learned along the way … be an inspiration!

      9. Share Your Failures

      That’s right … your failures!! We do not learn as many lessons from our successes as we do from our failures. So share what you have learned along the way. Share your BIGGEST CHALLENGES.Others will be grateful to have the benefit of learning from your mistakes. Or at least they will know that you tried to steer them away from making the same mistakes even though they are just one of those people that has to make the mistake themselves to learn. Hey you tried!

      10. Relive the Memories

      Pick some of your most useful older posts and share them with new readers. Consider adding a description or explanation to each link. Of course looking through some of your older posts you may find that some of the information is a bit outdated. Things are changing at a rapid pace these days … this could be an opportunity to update the information you had put out there before. You are creating a new post by referencing an older post and making people aware that there is a new and improved version. A perfect example of this for my business is the ever changing size and position of the Facebook Profile Pic. First, there was only a profile pic, then Facebook added a cover image, and just recently they changed the size and position of both. Updating my information helps others obtain the most current information needed.

      11. Use Name Recognition

      With this method you will use a name of a Musician, Celebrity,  Brand, TV program, Movie,  Current Events or Trends that is well known and relate it to a subject that your readers would like to read more about. Popular Products and People are used all the time for headlines because they pull in traffic. For example:

      What Perez Hilton’s Blog Can Teach You About Blogging.

      (Seriously … he has the biggest most witty and controversial blog out there!)

      The Martha Stewart Influenced Guide to Getting Organized.

      If anyone is known for ORGANIZATION Martha Stewart would be your girl!!

      What can we learn about rushing a release from Apple’s release of an inferior product on the iPhone5. 

      Apple released their own version of Maps with their new iPhone 5. It is was a disaster. However, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO managed to do the right thing and issue an apology. You can then go into discussing why rushing a project just to get it out there may not be in your best interest nor the best interest of your loyal customers.

      Notice we are not saying these people actually contributed … their information is out there, you just gathered it all up and put it in a format that others can benefit from. They were simply your INSPIRATION!!

      12. Step Away From Your Computer

      Sometimes it just takes getting away from the norm to inspire creative ideas. Here are some excellent ways to get those creative juices fired up!!

      Take A Walk

      Taking a break from routine can trigger so many new thoughts. I know I am greatly inspired when I go for a walk on the beach or take a hike. You are relaxed … you realize there is so much more out there than your own little world … your mind has a chance to wander as well. I get some of my best ideas when I break away from it all.

      Watch A Play

      The atmosphere in a theater can be very stimulating. Live performances are exhilarating … seeing real people on a stage provoking so much emotion with words and gestures is an incredible experience. Use that to find ways to provoke emotions from your readers.

      Compelling Content is a Must if You Want to Keep People Reading and Sharing Your Posts.

      The idea behind great posts is getting people out there to see you as a great resource for information. You can be the “go to” place where all the information they need is being compiled in one location. They will share your information if it is valuable. This will increase your readership and traffic to your site. Posting these links on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will increase your exposure even more. Before long you will have a following and traffic to your site which is the goal. So get out there and post away!!