• Infographic Going Viral


      Are you using infographics to market your business? 

      If not … you should be!!  

      State of Infographics

      People LOVE to share images, but they really like sharing images that have useful information in them. 

      There is the saying “a picture is worth a 1000 words.” With the combination of images and text in an infographic, the brain is able to digest the information more easily.  With  the potential to reach up to 15 million people, that is a good example of an infographic going viral!


      Twitter users are 6 times more likely to re-tweet a post that has an infographic in it.

      StumbleUpon gets 7 x’s more views when an infographic is used.

      Pinterest, well just do a search for infographics and  you will be scrolling for hours  because they work and people repin them.

      Properly used they can increase traffic back to your website.


      Infographics have been around much longer than the internet, however they are becoming more popular with online usage. According to Google’s ranking of the trend for the keyword “Infographic” has increased 75% since 2009.

      Creating infographics and posting them on your site can help you show up in search results for people who are looking for your valuable information. A well done infographic may draw the attention of people in your field and they may choose to embed the inforgraphic on their posts as well, just as we have done in this post. Done properly they will keep the link which will direct people back to your site as well. Be sure to include the URL to your site on each infographic as well so it can always be traced back to you as the creator.

      Be sure to only post the infographic on your site, then you can use your social media platforms to spread the word about it by posting links to the page on your site that contains your infographic. Everywhere you share your post will create a link back to your site creating an significant amount of traffic. Since people love to share and click on them; each time it is shared will just be one more opportunity to send people back to your site.  Pinterest is notorious for making infographics go viral, so if you can create a well structured, informational and appealing one there is a very good chance the result of your post could be your infographic going viral.

      Creating an infographic requires a great amount of research. Compiling all this information in an well done infographic will position you as an expert on your topic.


      Once you have the information and statistics needed to create your infographic the challenge becomes creating them. However, there are many tools and platforms out there to help make this process much easier and many of them you can use for free. A few of them are statsilkvisual.ly , and infogr.am .

      So what are you going to do?


      Have you created and used infographics before? Did you notice an increase of traffic to your site?

      If you have not used them yet … get busy and start creating!!

      How exciting would it be to see your infographic going viral?

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