• A Guide for Small Businesses on Online Reputation Management


      One of the things that can help your small business grow your revenue is word-of-mouth. In the digital age, this means creating and maintaining a positive online buzz; a solid presence that helps generate leads.

      Reputation management for small businesses creates a positive impact on the overall operation of the company. In business, reputation is an intangible asset that could either make or break revenue. But how can you control your reputation management as a small business?

      Step 1: Develop an Identity

      Brand identity is one of the things that make a company recognizable to customers. It can be in the form of a logo, a service, or even your unique selling proposition. If your company’s brand identity is strong enough, it can even become synonymous with the industry in which your business belongs.

      Studies have shown that companies, big or small, who invest in creating a brand identity, were able to quickly establish a positive reputation in their field. Experts think it’s because any positive experience in the industry is automatically attributed to the first brand that comes to mind, and that’s usually the company with the strongest brand identity.

      Step 2: Create a Community

      Small companies thrive on social media. This is because you are able to interact with your customers directly and offer your product or services on a platform that everyone can understand.

      With a strong online reputation management service, small businesses can better curate their community by creating forums and surveys to give customers a sense of engagement. This feeling of actively participating in improving your products or services creates a positive reputation for your small business.

      Step 3: Boost Positive Reviews

      Whether it’s a large, multi-national company, or a mom-and-pop operation, businesses make mistakes. These mistakes can be minor, innocent, few and far between, but it can negatively affect your business. A large corporation might recover the losses that a negative reputation will bring, but a smaller business might struggle in the process of trying to do the same.

      A strong reputation management service helps small companies avoid such a crisis by helping positive reviews rank higher than negative ones. This ensures that potential customers see the best in your company and boosts the positive aspects of your business.

      Designed Social Media has all the necessary services that a small business needs. As a leading expert in digital marketing tactics, Designed Social Media can help small businesses establish themselves in their industry. Contact us today to learn more about our services.