• Top Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small Business

    • Top Social Media Marketing Strategy

      Social media marketing is compulsory for businesses, whether big or small. Sadly, there are business owners who fail to realize the role social media marketing can play in the growth of their business. Most times, they believe that since they do business within a small region, they have direct access to their customers, and there is no need for social media marketing. This is not true; social media can help business owners get more profit and expand their customer base. The benefit of social media to small businesses cannot be overemphasized.

      If you are already into social media marketing and you feel you do not see the desired result, this means you might be using a wrong strategy. This article highlights some useful social media marketing strategies that could help your business grow.

      Create Profiles on Multiple Social Media Platforms

      Having social media platform great, but it’s not enough, to reach a wider audience, your business needs to be in as many platforms as possible.  Consider Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

      Don’t rush into creating a profile, and you need to sit back and understand your target market. If your primary customers are teenagers, then Snapchat and Instagram are fantastic options, but if you run a B2B business, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for you.

      Define Your Marketing Goals

      After creating your profile, the next step is to post contents; you cannot just post random content. Before you make any post, you have to identify your marketing goals.

      As a small business owner, here are some goals that will help:

      • Generate leads
      • Build brand awareness
      • Engage customers

      Social media can be used to improve customer service and boost sales directly. Whatever you want to use the platform for, handle it like traditional marketing. Since you can’t just walk into a radio station without having a goal, the same way you can’t just post contents without a goal.

      Once you have defined your purpose and identify your goal, coming up with contents wouldn’t be a problem. 

      Post Content Daily

      It doesn’t just stop at having a social media profile on multiple platforms; you have to be active on each of these platforms. If your audience doesn’t get the fresh post, they will not follow you up. Nobody wants to follow a brand if its most recent post was two weeks ago.  You need to have a new post on your timeline. This is also a good way of engaging your audience.

      Look at it from this angle, each time you make a new post, you are reminding your customers about the brand and encouraging them to make a purchase. If you have a website, you can post links from your recent posts on your timeline.

      Broadcast Live Video

      Every business has an equal opportunity to benefit from broadcasting live videos content on social media. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are platforms you can try. With the live stream, you will be able to improve engagement with customers and interaction. There are many ways to go about the live broadcast, including giving them a tour of your facilities, office and store or host a Q and A sessions. Once the video is up, your followers will be able to comment which will serve as feedback.