• How Social Media Is Defining The Way To Market

    • How Social Media Is Defining the Way to Market

      The world has changed tremendously; if you could go back fifty years, you will find it hard to live, everything would seem unmanageable, no mobile phones, no internet, no social media. Over the years, the world has changed; these changes have affected our daily lives. The medical, agriculture, educational industries are beneficiaries of this technological advancement. The marketing industry is not left out. Ten years ago, what we know as marketing are newspapers and radio and television, today when you hear marketing, what comes to mind is digital marketing, social media, and keywords. Social media is a major driving force to this marketing evolution.

      The Role of Social Media

      Marketing is not empirical, so it is mostly influenced by the world around it; the invention of newspapers, the radio, and television changed marketing the same way social media is doing. 

      Before we go too far, let’s talk about what social media is. Social media is an internet or mobile based low-cost tool used to create a platform for social communication. Examples of popular social media are Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

      Since social media platforms can bring millions of users together, marketers can utilize this opportunity to market their brands, attract prospective buyers, and spread their message. Thanks to how simplified social networks are designed, marketers can market with ease and at the comfort of their homes or offices.

      Social media marketing is for everybody from marketers marketing their knitted sweaters, to car manufacturers, malls owners, and politicians. You can sell anything whether, goods, service, idea, or ambition (just like Donald Trump is doing on Twitter). 

      What Does So Social Media Do Exactly?

      Social media can be used to inform customers about their products and educate them about who they are and what they offer.

      How Social Media Works?

      With social media, you can create a brand, an identity about who you are and about the goods or service you are selling.

      With social media, you can interact with your prospective buyer, sell on the platform, give rewards, and create a customer base.

      The Transformation

      When you run, let’s say a Facebook ad, you have the liberty of determining how and when it will display. You can target your audience with well-drafted content and delivers at the right time. Also, monitor the adds performance and adjust where necessary. On the other hand, with the traditional sales letter marketing, you have to wait for the customer to make a purchase, without knowing why, who or what part of your message got to them.

      Social media in marketing is here to stay, and for a while, it will remain an integral part of marketing globally. Digital marketing has helped marketers reach a wider audience they never thought was possible, and help them interact with their customer base at any time of the day with ease. With this direct channel, the marketer now has the opportunity to understand their audience needs.